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Gun owners in Oregon, (and Gun Owners of America) scored a major victory today when the Oregon Supreme Court again slapped down the anti-rights extremists and upheld a stay on Mz 114.

As you know, a judge in Harney County placed a hold on the absurd and unconstitutional Mz 114.

To no one’s surprise the anti-gun Attorney General moved to overturn this commonsense decision.

Today in a two sentence ruling, the Oregon Supreme Court sided with the Constitution and refused to overturn the Harney County Judge.

Simply put, this means that Mz 114 is still blocked in its entirety and, for the moment, law abiding gun owners do not face arrest for possessing common ammunition magazines.

This is a massive win.

There is still a very long way to go and we will follow up with more information on this case and the Federal Case that is still underway.

The judge in the Federal case has ruled that 114 may go into effect.  The state ruling blocked that, so we are safe for now but there is much still to be done.

We fully expect the legislature to attempt an end run around the courts to implement their own version of 114, but for right now enjoy a solid victory for gun owners and common sense.