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It’s really hard to say if this man is actually this stupid or if he is just a raving coward. He could be both.

In this article, this fraud says the Senators who had the courage to protect our rights by walking out on the vote for 554 “ran and hid.”

This, on a bill that had NO chance of defeat in spite of the clownish theater created by Hansell and the 5 other sell outs who helped the Democrats pass this bill by providing a quorum.

Hansell regurgitates the absurd nonsense that the people don’t like walk outs. He ignores the reality that, with only one exception, every single legislator who walked out was re-elected if they were up for election and the duplicitous Republicans GAINED seats after the last walk out. And the one Republican who did NOT get re-elected would not have gotten re-elected under any circumstances.

Hansell repeats the garbage that they could not walk out and protect your rights because the bill “would still be there.” Ok here is a clue Bill, since you clearly lack the intellect to figure this stuff out yourself, walk outs are tools used to negotiate. Exactly like they were when your caucus had a real leader and not the gelding Girod. Your walk out negotiates the bill away. It does not “stay there.” This is beyond brainless.

Hansell is quoted in this story as follows:

When Oregon State Sen. Bill Hansell told a colleague he was planning to show up to work on March 25, he received a firm warning.

“His immediate words to me were, ‘Bill, you’ll be crucified,’” the Athena Republican said.

This is very interesting. One the day of the vote, Senate President Peter Courtney had an unfortunate open mike moment and was heard saying “I saw Hansell out there, they’re going to get crushed.”

When we reported that (with the audio) Hansell and Courtney stepped all over themselves attacking us and insisting that Courtney was talking about Hansell’s favorite sports team. Nice try Bill.

5 Republican Senators and one independent refused to contribute to the sideshow that Hansell and his fellow travelers produced to help the Democrats put law abiding gun owners in prison. Now this disgraceful , greedy, coward has the nerve to say they “ran and hid.”

Give it up Hansell. The people know you’re a fraud.