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Gun Grab Rammed Through Committee


Today, to no one’s surprise, Floyd Prozanski rammed his gun owner registration bill through the Senate Judiciary Committee.

While this was not unexpected, the process has been abused even by the grotesquely low standards of Prozanski and Senate President, Peter Courtney.

After denying most opponents of the bill an opportunity to testify against it, even though they vastly outnumbered the supporters, today Prozanski refused to even consider amendments proposed by Senator Kim Thatcher.

The bill passed out of committee on a straight party line vote with the 3 Democrats voting yes and Senators Kim Thatcher and Jeff Kruse voting no.

The bill will now be raced to the Senate floor for a vote as quickly as possible. This vote can come any day now and we expect it almost immediately.

The Senate has only one pro-gun Democrat, so the bill will almost certainly pass there. But, then it moves to the House where the battle begins again. So this is far from over. Please don’t let up on your efforts to oppose this monstrosity.

Today we learned of more sheriffs who oppose the bill and at least one more who has said he will not enforce it.  The fight goes on. We also spoke to several county commissioners who promised to continue to fight.

Thanks for all you are doing, and never, ever give up. Keep the pressure up.