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Gun Confiscation Update.



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While you probably have not seen any mention in the cartel media, the mob violence continues in Portland. Now the target of the leftist thugs are people committing the unforgivable act of…praying.

While Christian worshippers are violently attacked on the streets of Portland the police have become little more than disinterested observers.

Meanwhile, frauds pretending to be “religious,” who are aligned with the thugs, are doing all they can to make sure you are disarmed and helpless while the mobs attack innocent people unimpeded by police.

Two ballot measures are in the works to virtually eliminate firearms ownership in Oregon. The obvious end goal here is to ensure that the gangs who now rule our streets can do so without fear. See the chief petitioner, Walter  “Mark” Knutson, here  and here with leftist extremists.

Ballot Measure 17 would require a “permit” before you could purchase a firearm. This would be IN ADDITION to the permission required from the Oregon State Police that is current law.

The permit would require the same training currently required to get a permit to carry a handgun concealed and also require :

(A) Review of federal and state laws in place at the time of the class and other safe practices related to ownership, purchase, transfer, use and transportation of firearms;

(B) Review of federal and state safe storage laws in place at the time of the class and other safe practices related to safe storage, including reporting lost and stolen guns;

(C) Prevention of abuse or misuse of firearms, including the impact of homicide and suicide on families, communities and the country as a whole; and

(D) In-person demonstration of the applicant’s ability to lock, load, unload, fire and store a firearm before an instructor certified by a law enforcement agency. This requirement may be met separately from the other course requirements in subpargagraphs (A), (B) and (C) of paragraph (c), which may be completed in an on-line course, provided the on-line course has been conducted by a trainer certified by law enforcement.

(Note, this means NRA certified instructors no longer qualify.)

You would have to wait a month for the permit. The fee would be $65.00. The police who would issue (or refuse to issue) these permits, would, of course,maintain a database for future confiscation in addition to the database kept by the Oregon State Police of every firearms transfer.

“A permit-to-purchase issued under this section does not create any right of the permit holder to receive a firearm.”

The permit can be denied by whatever police agency refuses to issue it based on their own completely unprofessional and unqualified assessment of your  “mental or psychological state.”

If, after receiving the “permit” from the local police, the Oregon State Police refused to complete their own background check , dealers would be prohibited from transferring the firearm to you for as long as OSP decided to withhold their “permission.”

These “permits” would be required for all transfers, not just purchases from gun dealers. Before a person could acquire a firearm they would first need a “permit” from local police and then “permission” from the State Police.  This process could literally take… forever.

IP 17 also bans most firearms magazines.

Ballot Measure 18 bans virtually all modern firearms with extremely restricted exceptions that do not include self defense.

Under the very restrictive scheme you could keep (but not freely use) the banned firearms if you “registered” them with the police for future confiscation. But it goes further. It actually requires that you turn in your registered firearms to the police BEFORE you have been charged with a crime!

Section 5 of the measure actually requires that you…Permanently and voluntarily relinquish the semiautomatic assault firearm to law enforcement or to a buyback or turn in program approved by law enforcement, prior to commencement of prosecution by arrest, citation or a formal charge.”

When we submitted comments to the Secretary of State about the proposed ballot titles given to both these measures, the Attorney General responded that this confiscation of firearms PRIOR to even being charged with a crime was not a “major effect” of the measure!

As you may know, the Attorney General is considering a run for governor. Let that sink in for a moment.

Because OFF submitted comments on the “proposed” ballot titles for both these measures, we are qualified to challenge the “certified ballot titles.”

Today we submitted our legal challenges to the “certified” ballot titles for both measures.  In both cases, the “titles,”  “summaries” and “results of yes and no votes” do not come close to letting Oregon voters know how dangerous, extreme and misleading these ballot measures are.

Every legal challenge places one more obstacle in the way of the hateful, anti-freedom bigots who are promoting these attacks on our rights and safety.

If you want to contribute to the mounting legal bills for these efforts you can do so here.  Thank you for your support and activism.

All details for Ballot Measure 17 can be viewed here.

All details for Ballot Measure 18 can be viewed here.