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Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again.

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As you know, we had a significant victory recently defending the Second Amendment in Columbia County.

When the County, with the help of radical anti-rights groups, attempted to overturn Second Amendment sanctuary ordinances in place in the county, we fought them and won.

None of that would have been possible without your help. Unlike the county officials who  count on the backing of New York billionaires, all we have here at Oregon Firearms Federation is you.

But now they are back with a vengeance and a big bankroll.

The county, the Oregon Attorney General, and Everytown For Gun Safety are all separately appealing our victory.  This is not a surprise even though county officials and their legal counsel falsely claimed the were not trying to overturn the will of the people.

Please note, one County Commissioner, Casey Garrett, has opposed these attacks on our rights but the county lawyer and Commissioners Henry Heimuller and Margaret Magruder have joined forces to reverse the sanctuary ordinances passed by the people.

Now these enemies of the Second Amendment have the backing of not only Mike Bloomberg’s billions, but your tax dollars which will be used by our own Attorney General to try to strip away the rights of Columbia County residents and visitors.

This is a case with national implications and that’s why Gun Owners of America has stepped up to help, but we are still facing a new round of very large legal bills.

One thing we have learned in the last year is that in spite of the self serving and phony claims of our elected officials, we can expect no help from politicians. Their greed and cowardice is no longer a matter of debate.  We are on our own.

As much as we prefer NOT to have our battles in courtrooms, in this case we simply have no choice.  With your help we won the first round.  The anti-gun forces faced a humiliating defeat that reverberated across the country and now they will stop at nothing and spare no expense to get revenge.

So we have no choice but to ask you once again for the most generous support you can give us to defeat them one more time.

If we lose this fight, Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances across Oregon and the country will be at immediate risk and we could very well see the end of local resistance to the demented policies of Salem and Washington DC.

Please consider whatever contribution you can afford to help us pay these legal bills.

Thank you for your help and all you have done to get us this far.

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You can donate to either OFF or our foundation, Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation, since it all goes to the same fight. Donations to “OFEF”, our foundation, are tax deductible.