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Yesterday we told you we expected numerous anti-gun bills to get hearings next week. Now Oregon’s gun-control one trick pony, Ginny Burdick, is claiming they will be heard on March 14th at 8am in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

According to an email she released last night, the following bills will be heard:

SB 347 – Removes the exemption for Concealed Handgun License (CHL) holders to carry a firearm on K-12 school grounds.
SB 699 – Removes the exemption for CHL holders to carry a firearm in the Capitol Building unless given written permission by Legislative Administration.
• SB 700 – Requires criminal background checks on all gun purchases and transactions except those between immediate family members.
SB 796 – Requires all persons applying for a CHL permit to pass a firing range test.

The chairman of the committee is Senator Floyd Prozanski who continues to tell people he “supports gun rights,” but who is promoting these attacks on those very rights.

Remember, the chair decides which bills are heard. If he did not support them, they would not get a hearing.

As of today at 11 am, these bill have still not been listed on the official agenda. So at this point we have only Burdick’s email to go on, but we believe Prozanski is, in fact, planning to hear these bills.  You can see the latest schedules for committees here. Remember to look at the agenda for Senate Judiciary. Schedules change so check back there often.

If you can come to the hearing and voice your support for gun rights, please do. If not, please contact the members of the Committee and let them know you oppose all these bills, that none serve any purpose except to harass gun owners and none address a real problem.  You can contact all the members of the committee using this link.