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Dear Friends,

The March 14th hearing on four gun safety bills has been postponed for a week or two. We will let you know as soon as they are rescheduled. Thank you for your support!


Senator Ginny Burdick

Believe NONE of what they say. Check the schedule on the link below.

Today, OFF debated “Ceasefire Oregon” at the Portland City Club.

One of the demands that Ceasefire Oregon made repeatedly was for “universal background checks.”

While their spokeswoman claimed that “criminals don’t get background checksAND claimed that “background checks stop criminals“, here is an interesting fact.  The Oregon Background Check System has been shut down today.

 Gun dealers could not transfer firearms.  So instead of the usual situation where only some people are denied without cause, today everyone was.
If you have to beg for government permission to exercise a “right” it’s not a “right”.  If that “permission” is not even available, it’s even worse.This is the danger we face if legislation to pass mandatory background checks for private transfers passes.  This is one of the bills we have been told to expect to be heard next week.

 For people who own guns, delays are inexcusable but not life-threatening.  For a person who has concerns for her safety, a delay on a firearms transfer is a game changer. That’s why we believe any bill to expand the failed background check system to private transfers must be defeated. As we said, we expect several restrictions of Second Amendment rights to be heard next week. While none of this is official, here is what Senator Jeff Kruse sent out today:

“Before I get into the subject of this week’s newsletter I want to give everyone an alert.  Senator Prozanski, who is the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has announced there will be hearings next Thursday and Friday on 4 gun bills.  They are SB 347, 699, 700 and 796.  The Democrats have the majority and therefor have the right to have hearings on any bills they wish.  Elections have consequences, and one of those is the ability to set the agenda.  As a member of the committee I will do everything I can to stop these bills and I think we may be able to.  My request of anyone who intends to come to the hearings is to be respectful and comport yourself in a dignified way.  Part of their strategy may be the hope there will be some sort of incident, and that is the last thing we need.”

Until  the bills are officially scheduled we cannot say for sure that anything will happen. So for now it’s all rumor. But it’s also likely.
There are a few things to keep in mind if you plan to come and testify on these bills.  At any time, right up to when the hearing starts, Senate Judiciary Chair Prozanski can make any changes he wants. He can cancel the hearing, reschedule it, or kill the bills.  He can take unlimited testimony from people who agree with his anti-gun agenda and then give the pro-gun side 30 seconds…or nothing.

 So, while even though at the time of this alert on Friday evening at 6:30, nothing has been officially scheduled, even if it is, Prozanski can make any changes he likes to the schedule. Factor that in  if you are planning to come to the hearing.  Use this link to double check on the schedule. Look for the schedule for “Senate Judiciary.”  Assume nothing.
The second thing to be aware of is this; one of the bills that may be heard outlaws Oregon citizens from having firearms in the Capitol. That’s your building. The gun grabbers have repeatedly said that the Capitol is “everyone’s” building. That’s why they don’t want you there.  It’s for “everyone” but gun owners.Rest assured that the gun grabbers are hoping for some kind of incident in the Capitol with a gun owner, even though time and again we have demonstrated how responsible we are.

 Keep that in mind if you come. Let’s not accommodate them. Be sharp.

At recent events at the Capitol, gun owners openly carried firearms inside and outside the building and the police reported “NO incidents.”  Because of this there is every reason to believe the anti-gunners may attempt to seed the crowd with someone who will do something to embarrass gun owners and create opportunities for the gun grabbers.If you see someone doing something stupid, don’t assume he is one us. Step in and take action. The politicians and the media want an incident and there is no reason to believe one won’t be fabricated.Don’t forget to use this link to contact all members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and tell them NO on all the anti-gun bills scheduled.