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Oregon’s anti-gun zealots are feeling the heat. As a result they are doing what they always do best. They are lying.

House Rep Peter Buckley has been sending out mass emails to opponents of HB 3200, (Greenlick’s gun confiscation bill) saying “I signed onto it to express my strong support for doing whatever is possible and legal to stop the increase in the number of weapons capable of mass murder in our society.”

Now let’s put aside the reality that virtually anything is capable of “mass murder.”  Cars, knives, poison are all capable of “mass murder.” So are the hunting rifles all the anti-gunners claim they are not after. A skilled person with his fists and feet is “capable” of “mass murder.” Exactly how is Buckley planning on regulating all of these things?

But things get more interesting as you get to the closing paragraphs of Buckley’s email. There he says:

”There is a huge amount of emotion over this issue, so again, let me reassure you that this bill will not pass, and the various claims about it, such as it would authorize unwarranted searches of private home, are not accurate.”

Buckley is either a liar or illiterate. Here is the plain language in the bill:

 “Allow an inspector from the department to inspect the storage of assault weapons and large capacity magazines to ensure compliance with this subsection”

It really could not be more clear.

One sponsor of the bill, Senator Mark Haas, has requested that his name be removed from the bill. The chief sponsor, Mitch Greenlick, is backpedaling from it at lightning speed, but Buckley can’t stop defending this outrageous assault on your privacy and liberty.

Now let’s take a look at mass email that anti-gunner Floyd Prozanski is sending out. In his email he claims that he is not a supporter of HB 3200 and he says  “…it should be dead.”

But the really interesting part of Prozanski’s email is this: I am a supporter of both the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Article I, Section 27 of the Oregon Constitution. As a gun owner for over 40 years (I bought my first gun when I was 15 years old), I believe an individual has the right to use a firearm to for self-defense and the defense of others.”

Ok, most of us are wondering how Floyd could have “bought a gun when he was 15.” Seems like there might be some legal issues there.  But more important is Prozanski’s claim that he is a “supporter of the Second Amendment.”

Prozanski supports an end to private transfers of firearms, a ban on lowly “citizens’ ”  concealed carry at the Capitol and extreme new restrictions on issuing of CHL’s. This hardly sounds like a person who understands the term “shall not be infringed.”

As soon as a politician tells you a bill won’t pass, that’s a good time to keep your eye on that bill.

Last session Prozanski claimed that a bill banning self-defense firearms on school property was dead and then it was resurrected in the closing days of the session. So be forewarned. Anything can happen.

But what we think is coming very soon will be hearings in Prozanski’s committee for some or all of the bills he wants or has sponsored.

An end to private transfers, new restrictions on CHL’s, a ban on licensed carry and more. We expect to see these bills scheduled as early as next week. As always, we will keep you informed, but it would not be a bad idea to let the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee know that you oppose all new gun control.  Their contact info is here.