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If You Don’t Vote, You Don’t Matter



A Bloomberg anti-gun dream team. That’s what we will have if we lose a
single Republican seat in the Oregon Senate.


Here is what else we will have:

Mandatory gun registration.

A ban on modern firearms.

Warrantless searches of your home for guns.

An end to transfers between friends and family members.

A ban on self defense in schools.

A new patchwork of local restrictions on firearms owners.

More restrictions or an outright ban on licensed concealed carry.

Prohibitions on open carry.

Prohibitions on self defense and a mandate that you run away from a violent attack on yourself or your family.

Think all this is wild speculation?  Every single one of these dangerous attacks on you and your rights has already been introduced by Democrats in the Oregon Legislature.

The only thing that has stopped them has been you.  But now, Bloomberg and other billionaires have pulled out all the stops to guarantee you lose your gun rights and they are doing all they can to buy or steal the Oregon Senate.

Every single seat counts, but the big bucks now are going to defeat Senators Bruce Starr and Betsy Close and replace them with Bloomberg lackeys Chuck Riley and Sara Gelser.

Make no mistake. If these two are elected, the anti-gunners in the Senate, led by extremist and liar Floyd Prozanski, will be able to pass anything they want.  And we know what they want.

It is absolutely critical that you vote in this election.  These races are won or lost on tiny numbers of votes.Your vote does matter.  

If you live in either Bruce Starr’s or Betsy Close’s district be sure to mail your ballot.

But remember, you can still help them and protect your rights by volunteering or contributing to their campaigns.

Don’t wait for the “other guy.”  These are YOUR gun rights at stake.

You can connect with Bruce Starr here.

You can connect with Betsy here.

Click here for all of OFFPAC’s candidate ratings.

Bloomberg and his big bucks friends are sending boatloads of money and out of state foot soldiers to take away your freedoms.  Fight back.


If you don’t vote, you don’t matter.


This message is brought to you by OFFPAC.