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Corvallis Reminder

Tomorrow, December 3, the Corvallis City Council Administrative Services Committee will be, once again, discussing a ban on loaded firearms.

Ceasefire Oregon is pushing hard for a ban telling their members to contact the committee with a demand  that they “prohibit openly carried guns.”  In the same email they claim that people who openly carry are not required to have any firearm training and do not even have to pass a background check to purchase a weapon let alone carry a loaded gun in public.”

As usual, Ceasefire is hoping by repeating the same lies often enough they can convince the committee to enact more restrictions on your rights.

The fact is, regardless of what the nanny-staters at CFO demand, the city has zero authority to ban openly carried guns in Corvallis. And, of course, those who carry firearms openly are every bit as subject to background checks as anyone else. But the truth has never been an obstacle for the girls at CFO.

Please take one more moment to remind the members of the committee that anything they do will only be symbolic.  They cannot ban “open” carry and if they ban “loaded” carry the ban does not apply to CHL holders and cannot be enforced against those without CHL’s unless they are in the process of committing a crime.  The Corvallis City Attorney and the Chief of Police have repeatedly reminded the council of this reality.

The meeting will be at 3:30 at the Madison Ave. Meeting Room. Council members serving on the Administrative Services Committee are Hal Brauner (Ward 9)Joel Hirsch (Ward 6), and Biff Traber (Ward 8).

You can help us put the brakes on this stupidity and get a tax credit. But to get the credit for 2014 you must act before the end of this month. Please see this link for the details.