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Bloomberg Is Buying Your State


The peddlers of fear are ratcheting up their screeds and pulling out all the stops. New York megalomaniac, Michael Bloomberg, has made a giant media buy in Oregon to spread his freedom smashing agenda to our state.

 If nothing changes, the final vote on SB 941 is Monday. We have very little time to drive a stake through the heart of this evil piece of legislation.

 There are a handful of Democrats in the House who are on the fence. We need five to stop this atrocious gateway to gun confiscation.  Don’t stop now. Bloomberg is trying to buy our state and our rights. He has a handful of zealous mercenaries but a boatload of money. Please make one more push to let the swing voters know that a vote for this bill will be a mistake. We have listed the House Reps who are in play and a sample message below.

They do read their email over the weekend.

Rep Brent Barton  503-986-1440

Rep Deborah Boone  503-986-1432

Rep Brian Clem  503-986-1421

Rep Caddy McKeown  503-986-1409

Rep  Brad Witt     503- 986-1431

Rep Paul Evans  503-986-1420


 Dear Representative,

As you consider your vote on SB 941, scheduled for Monday, please keep a few things in mind.

Every day another sheriff voices his opposition to this dangerous and counterproductive bill. Most recently the Sheriff of Curry County expressed his opposition. 23 counties oppose it. The City of Turner just went on record opposing it.

You are, no doubt, being bombarded with the false statistics of the Bloomberg lobby who lie and tell you “81% of gun owners” want their name on a government database.  Have you heard from any of them?  They also tell you that in states where there is universal gun registration  “48% fewer on duty police officers are shot and killed.” But in 2014 in Oregon, exactly NO police officers were shot and killed. What is 48% less than zero?

This bill is dangerous, polarizing and opposed by more than half of the state. Please carefully consider the real ramifications of this bill on the people who elected you to protect their liberty.