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Your Rights Are Not A “Loophole.”

I Can Afford To Buy Your Rights
I Can Afford To Buy Your Rights


The Capitol rumor mill is in overdrive, and while it’s true that Salem is the place where truth goes to take a vacation, one thing is certain, the fight to stop universal gun owner registration is far from over.

As we told you, it looked like SB 941, the gun owner harassment act of 2015, might be on the House Floor as early as today. While things can change at lightning speed when gun grabbers want to bend the rules, as of right this minute the bill is not even scheduled for a “Second Reading” which usually happens the day before it’s voted on. What does this mean for us?

It can only mean one thing. They don’t yet have the votes to ram it through.  As you know, this bill has been fast tracked from the beginning. Bypassing all normal scheduling, the anti-rights zealots have done all they can to race this bill forward. Now it looks like it might be as late as Monday before it is voted on. It could even be later.

This means that your tireless efforts are having an effect and some Democrats are having second thoughts about their career futures should they vote for this deranged attack on your rights.

To be sure, there are plenty who continue to parrot the mindless lies about “dangerous loopholes” and “internet gun trafficking” even when they know what they are saying is false.  Michael Bloomberg continues to throw vast amounts of money on a media onslaught against liberty, but… if Val Hoyle had this nailed down, they would have voted on it already.

That’s why now is the time to turn up the heat. If you’ve been working hard at contacting legislators, we are going to ask you to do it again. If you’ve never made your voice heard, now is the time to do it.

As we told you on Monday, there are a handful of Democrats who we think need to hear from you now.

We’ve listed them below but want to add one more to our previous list. Please also contact Rep. Paul Evans. His phone number is 503-986-1420, email

Evans is no friend of gun owners. His rant in the hard left blog “Blue Oregon” shows just how extreme he is. In it, he calls for registration of “automatic weapons,” (which he defines as  “hand guns as well as rifles,”) with the county sheriffs.

Aside from how much he demonstrates his ignorance of firearms and current law, he also calls for amending the US Constitution to redefine the Second Amendment. However, we have reason to believe Evans would like to portray himself as pro-gun. So he’s wavering.  Please contact Evans, and the legislators below, with a message that your rights are not negotiable.   Sample text follows after the contact info for the other House Reps who need to hear from you.

Rep Brent Barton  503-986-1440

Rep Deborah Boone  503-986-1432

Rep Brian Clem  503-986-1421

Rep Betty Komp   503-986-1422

Rep Caddy McKeown  503-986-1409

Rep  Brad Witt     503- 986-1431


Dear Representative,

The supporters of SB 941 have made it clear that this bill will not stop criminals. In fact, the Oregon State Police report that they virtually never take action against prohibited people who try to buy guns. So who does this bill actually affect? People like me. People who obey the law. People who want to be able to safely store a firearm for a friend or neighbor. People who want to be able to protect someone whose life is in danger. People who vote.

I am outraged that the promoters of this attack on my rights continue to lie about this bill. They continue to parrot the disproven claims about how many people want to have their privacy invaded and their names put in a government data base. They continue to repeat the lies about “unregulated internet gun sales” and they continue to call my rights “a loophole.” I am not a criminal and will not be treated like one.

My rights, my privacy and my property are not “loopholes.”   Vote no on SB 941.




Please support these recall efforts:

 Val Hoyle recall campaign.

Chuck Riley, Susan McLain recall campaign.