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Bill Expands Judges’ Power To Seize Firearms


Today, the House Judiciary Committee will be hearing two bills of interest to gun owners, HB 2628 and HB 2915.

HB 2915 allows a small tax credit for the purchase of a”qualifying gun safe.”

As far as we can tell, this bill is mostly symbolic.

HB 2628 is troublesome.  It adds the following language to the stalking order statute:

(c) The court may specify other relief in the order that the court finds necessary to:

(A) Provide for the safety and welfare of the victim and the children in the custody of the victim;

This language currently appears in ORS 107.718, the statute dealing with restraining orders.  This language is frequently used by judges to confiscate firearms from people who have not only not been convicted of crimes, they have not even been formally accused of crimes. Those people lose their rights with no due process.

Please contact the Chair of the committee and tell him you oppose expanding unlimited firearm’s prohibitions by judges, against people who have not been convicted of crimes.

Contact info and sample text follow:

Chairman Jeff Barker

Dear Chairman Barker,

HB 2628 gives almost unlimited power to judges to confiscate firearms from people who have not been convicted of crimes. This power is currently being used against gun owners via other statutes such as  ORS 107.718. While well intentioned, there is virtually no due process for those whose rights are taken away by judges. I urge you to remove the language in 2628 that gives judges this unlimited power and find a balance for people who may be falsely targeted with a “stalking order.”