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Anti Gun Bills Scheduled


We have received word that numerous (as of yet unidentified) anti-gun bills will be heard in Senate Judiciary on April 2.

We DO NOT have the bill numbers yet or the exact time of the hearing. We have been informed that the meeting could be moved up to 7.30 am.

Please make every effort to clear your calendar for that day. Having you in the room, whether you plan to testify or not, would make a tremendous difference.

If the past is any indication, the anti-gun side has already received a list of which bills will be heard. We will share that with you as soon as we have it.

While we do not know which bills will be heard, a complete list of the current bills is available here.

We know that most of you have jobs and other responsibilities and taking time off is a burden, but you can rest assured the other side will be bussing in people from out of state to fill the room. We need as many of you there as possible.

We will provide details as they become available.