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Yamhill County To Consider Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance


The Yamhill County Commissioners will be considering a Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance this Thursday at 10 am.

If you are a Yamhill County resident, please consider attending and testifying in favor.  As you know, urban legislators have introduced a flood of anti-gun bills and have the votes to pass anything they want. The best chance to stop these attacks on your liberty and property may well be at the county level.

The meeting will be at the Yamhill County Courthouse, 535 NE 5th in McMinnville in room 32. (This is a courthouse so firearms are not permitted.)

We fully expect the anti-rights crowd to pack the room.  Please come and express your support and request that the Commission stand up to the bullies in Salem. 

Whether you live in Yamhill County or not, please send a note of support for the ordinance using this link.

You may use the pre-written message as is or add your own text. You may also change the subject line.  Thank you.


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