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2019 Firearms Legislation

HB 2251 No modern firearms for draft age Oregonians. Extends background check delays to 30 days. More.

HB 2287  Firearms safety training for schools. A knock off of a ballot measure written by OFF and oddly introduced by anti-gun House reps.

HB 2298  Modified CHL reciprocity.

HB 2479 Increases CHL fees at the request of the Oregon Sheriffs Association.

HB 2505 Trigger locks. Liability for 4 years. (IP 44 in legislative form)

HB 2546 Tax credit for background check fees. The sponsor (Paul Evans) is anti-gun. This will be his token to the gun owners he attacks.

HB 2705 Establishes a “voluntary”  “Do Not Sell” list. Allows a person to add his or her name to a list of people who may not buy firearms.

SB 5     Imposes strict liability on shooting ranges and shooters for rounds that leave the property and cause injuries. Allows the city or county where the range is located to be sued if city or county failed to regulate the range after they had notice that a “dangerous condition” existed. “Dangerous condition” is not defined.

SB 87  Raises minimum age to purchase firearm or “firearm component” to 21. Allows gun dealers to impose any minimum age over 21. Defines firearm component  (among other things) as anything that “enhances the  shooting accuracy of a firearm.” Requested by former BOLI chair Brad Avakian.

SB 275  Mandatory lockup and liability. Basically IP 44 in legislative form.

SB 322 . Allows sheriffs to issue CHL’s to persons in adjoining counties. This would help people like the residents of Wheeler County when their sheriff and all deputies quit.

SB 323  Reciprocity for CHL holders of states that recognize Oregon CHL’s.

SB 481 Requires that a person who demanded your firearms be confiscated be informed if they are returned.

SB 501 Requires permit to PURCHASE firearm. Bans mags over 5 rounds. Requires trigger locks.  Limits ammo purchase to 20 rounds a month. Requires background checks for ammo purchases. Imposes waiting period or 14 days.

SB 539 Bans use or discharge of exploding targets, tracer ammunition or fireworks on land owned by public body during periods established by certain State Forester declarations relating to fire danger.

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