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Another Way To Send You To Prison


And Now, Ghost Guns



With deadlines for destroying gun rights in Oregon closing in, the Oregon Democrats have stepped up their attacks.

Next on the list of ways to send you to prison?  The world famous “ghost guns”.

On March 25th at 8am, Floyd Prozanski and the Senate Judiciary Committee will be hearing SB 396, a bill to ban “undetectable” and “untraceable” firearms and firearm parts.

Anyone with the even a passing knowledge of firearms will see that the language in this bill could have been improved had it been crafted by meth addicted gerbils, but it is not our job (nor should it be yours) to pass on to these mental midgets all that makes no sense in this new effort to fill our prisons with good Oregonians while continuing to reward those who burn buildings and throw firebombs at police.

A quick review of the bill will demonstrate that it is intended to punish people who obey the law.

As the Democrats continue to do all they can to destroy the state, the question still remains to be answered…  Will the Oregon Republicans say “no” and end this lunacy or not?

If the Oregon Republicans continue to show up for floor sessions, they do so knowing that many of the people who voted for them could soon be going to prison as felons.

To be perfectly clear, the Democrats have the votes to do this, and ban diesel fuel and legalize pimping and let drug felons be teachers. And yes, those are all bills they are working on in addition to protecting rioters and eliminating school resource officers while making sure no one can protect themselves or kids in schools. The Democrats WANT people to die. You simply cannot explain this any other way.

You as a voter in Oregon are NOT allowed in the building to testify against any of these bills. While you may attempt to upload written testimony, that system has been failing. And while you may try to sign up to testify “in person” remotely, our reviews of people who have signed up to testify on gun control bills indicate that while most people who sign up are opposed, they rarely get to speak. Somehow the ever present technical glitches mostly effect gun owners and not gun grabbers.  Anyone can verify this.

Yesterday the system failed completely.

If you want to attempt to testify against this bill, you can try using this link,

It may or may not work.

After filling in the required boxes, click on the boxes next to  SB 396.  The boxes ask if you want to testify for or against. At this point knowing what we do about how things have been run, you probably have a better chance of being allowed  to testify if you say you support this idiocy.

You can attempt to upload written testimony here

Meanwhile, as our rights, and possibly even our ability to stay out of prison, are slipping away, the Republicans are responding with fund raisers that ask you to sign a petition to the Democrats who are burning down the state. We’ll go way out on a limb and predict that won’t have a major effect.

Every single Republican serving in the legislature knew before this session started that they would not have the votes to block the Democrats scorched earth policy and the only way they could save this state would be to deny quorum.

If they don’t, your future in Oregon will be very grim.

Please use this link to take action now.