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With Portland firmly under the control of violent anarchists (with the full approval of Oregon’s House Speaker)Oregon Democrats are moving full speed ahead on their plans to prevent non criminals from defending themselves.

House Bill 2543, which will allow the Oregon State Police to deny a firearm’s transfer forever, with no explanation or justification, is now a step closer to becoming law.

The bill is scheduled for a “work session” on March 23 at 1PM in the House Judiciary Committee.

Work sessions are where bills are amended and voted out of committee onto the House Floor.  Currently there are no amendments to the bill and the Republicans on the committee have exactly nothing to say about its progress.

House Republicans voluntarily gave up any leverage they might have had when they tacitly agreed to rules that would fine them $500.00 a day for exercising their right not to participate in this assault on your rights and common sense.

As with all anti-gun bills, testimony on HB 2543 was overwhelmingly against the bill.  This clearly convinced the Democrats to move it forward.

If this bill passes,  the one small, rarely used, safeguard Oregonians had when the State Police simply did not do their job will be stripped way. And as Oregon, and our cities in particular, become ever more perilous, law abiding Oregonians who failed to plan well in advance will be at the mercy of the mobs that rule the streets. (Current law allows a dealer to transfer a firearm after three business days if the OSP does not complete, or even start, a background check.)

While House Republicans can still walk away from this freak show, they have shown no inclination to do so, instead whining about the fines they agreed to.

Of course, with a virus so deadly and widespread that our Capitol has to be locked down and boarded up to keep our elected representatives safe from us, the unwashed masses, it would seem the House Republicans still could have understandable concerns about their health and call in sick. But at this point it appears they would prefer to watch the state dissolve into a morass of leftist insanity.

There is still time for the Republicans put your future and the future of your kids ahead of their personal comfort. If you live in a district with a Republican House Rep, please call or email them and remind them what you hired them to do.  Remind them that every single one of them who walked out last time got reelected. We call that a “clue.”

If you are unsure of what district you live in, use this link to find out.

Contact info for Oregon Republican House reps is here.

We know there are rock solid Republican House Reps who still have your best interest at heart.  But there are also some who badly need to be reminded how little you will need them in the future if they show up for votes on gun grabbing bills and thereby guarantee that those dangerous attacks on you and your family pass.