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Brown Announces Gun Control Plans


One day after a truck was used to murder over 80 people in France, Kate Brown and other liberal hacks held an anti-gun press conference that had more cops than reporters.

As always, surrounded by armed guards, Governor Brown called for a ban on standard capacity magazines, an end to the safeguard that allows Oregonians to transfer firearms when the Oregon State Police don’t do their jobs and an expansion of attacks on people who are accused of domestic violence but never actually charged or convicted of anything.

Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici lied and said it was legal to go to another state and buy a gun with no background check, and demanded that Congress disallow persons on the “no fly” list from buying guns. In a moment of irony no rights hater could ever grasp, Bonamici quoted Congressman John Lewis, who was of course, on the “no fly” list.

“Since I was sworn in as Governor 17 months ago, more than 600 Oregonians have died from violence inflicted by a gun,” Governor Brown said. But no one noted that the vast majority of deaths by gunfire are suicides.   That does not fit the politically correct narrative.

Brown also called on Congress to ban modern firearms.

Every day in the United States, 22 people die from homicidal gun violence,” Governor Brown said. “I urge Congress to ban assault weapons and strengthen anti-terrorist legislation by passing the common sense ‘No Fly, No Buy’ ban.”

Members of the so called “faith community” announced their intention to ban modern firearms and magazines via ballot measure, called gun owners “the enemy” and said God was on their side.

In calling for the magazine ban Brown, amazingly, said:

“When a man intent on killing as many people as he could entered the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, he did so with extended capacity magazines. Those magazines allowed him to fire his weapon repeatedly without stopping to reload, without any pause that might have given his victims or law enforcement a chance to stop him.”

The sheer lunacy of her remarks is staggering. The Orlando killer was in the nightclub for three hours before police took action. Does Brown actually believe he was shooting for three hours without reloading? The reason so many people died was because they were not prepared and not allowed by law to defend themselves.

Brown also said :

“Additionally, I am directing Oregon State Police to proactively notify local law enforcement if a person prohibited by law from buying a gun tries to buy one.”

You mean they don’t do that now? The fact is, an OSP trooper is dispatched every time there is a gun transfer denial and when they find a prohibited person attempting a transfer, they do…nothing.

Of course, not a word was mentioned of the real cause of most mass shootings. Radical Islam.

2017 is going to be the rockiest year yet for gun rights. In spite of the real dangers facing Americans every day, Brown and her cohorts will be doing all they can to strip you of your rights. Please, please be active, make sure your family and friends are active, and VOTE.