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Tomorrow, the NRA has stated, it will emerge from hiding and “make a statement” about the Connecticut massacre. If the past is any indication, the NRA will not be making a strong stand for the protection of Second Amendment rights. The NRA has long opposed allowing parents and teachers to be armed in schools, so don’t expect them to suggest we end the delusion of “gun-free schools.”

What is far more likely to happen is one more capitulation, one more compromise and one great step backward for liberty and logic. While we will certainly hope for the best, it would be wise to prepare to let the politicians know that you are not ready to sacrifice your rights and the safety of your family because one sick killer was allowed to gun down innocents where no one at the scene could legally stop him.

Here in Oregon, the predictable is happening. In the wake of the atrocity committed in a place where no adult present was allowed to be armed to defend the children, Senate President Peter Courtney is calling to enforce that deadly policy here.

The stupidity of this idea is staggering. The single thing that could have saved some of the children was an adult equipped to deal with an attacker. Now Courtney wants to guarantee that our schools will be prominently posted : “KILLING ZONE.” This is lunacy.

Of all the dangerous schemes the anti-gunners are planning to introduce in the coming session this is the one most bordering on madness.

Please take a moment to contact Courtney and let him know you will not stand for any effort to render our children as helpless as Connecticut’s children were. His contact info and sample email text follow. Then please use our automailer to send a message to the rest of the legislature.

Peter Courtney
Capitol Address:
900 Court St. NE, S-201
Salem, OR 97301
Capitol Phone:


Senator Courtney,

Your plans to disarm parents and visitors to schools is not just terrible policy, it’s horribly dangerous. It is hard to fathom, in the wake of the Connecticut massacre, why you would want to replicate their failed policy in Oregon. Did putting up a “no guns” sign save a single life? This proposal is a slap in the face to the parents and children of our state.

You and your colleagues are protected by uniformed and plainclothes police everywhere you go in the Capitol. Instead of guaranteeing that our children are unprotected targets, why not reassign the many State Police who protect you to schools around the state?

Or are politicians more important than children?