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The Oregon Court of Appeals has once again ruled against gun owners.

In a case funded by the Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation, Jane Doe Vs Medford School District, the court ruled that Oregon’s preemption statute does not protect employees from gun restrictions imposed on them by state employers.

This case, which got international attention, pitted a Medford school teacher against her employer. When it was learned that the teacher, Shirley Katz, possessed a concealed handgun license, her school and school district began a campaign of abuse and threats against her.  We agreed to take her case to court.

After the Circuit Court ruled that the school could, in fact, create rules to prevent her from possessing a self-defense firearm, we appealed.  The Court’s decision can be seen here.

It’s interesting that the Court continues to use and misunderstand the case of Starrett vs City of Portland, another case funded by OFEF.  In their decision they state  “In Starrett, the City of Portland leased Pioneer Square to a privately owned company, Entercom, which owned and operated a number of radio stations in the area. Id. at 536. Entercom leased the property in order to host a New Year’s Eve celebration. “

This is exactly the opposite of what happened. In fact, Entercom radio did not “lease” space from the city. The city PAID Entercom radio to run a City party on City property with taxpayer money. So once again, the Courts reach a conclusion based on incorrect former conclusions.