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A bill many of you have heard about has finally been made available on the Legislative website. House Bill 3006  “Invalidates federal firearm laws in State of Oregon. ” Other states have introduced similar bills in an effort to stand up to the increasing incursions by the Feds into our liberties. We applaud the sponsors.

On the anti-gun side we are still waiting for the promised “assault weapon” ban and a bill to forbid Oregon citizens from having firearms in the Capitol building. Ginny Burdick announced her intentions to introduce this bill as a response to a recent rally where hundreds of armed people peacefully met on the Capitol steps and mall and some toured the building while in possession of guns. As police reported, there were “no incidents.”  Once again, the liberty haters look for a problem where one does not exist, and create a “solution” that makes no sense.

As many of you have painfully learned, the Oregon State Police have been “delaying” more and more firearms purchases. Sometimes for months. If you have had this experience, please see this page.

On another more immediate note, we have been informed  (and his office has confirmed) that Representative Kurt Schrader will be meeting tomorrow with representatives of  “Organizing for Action.”

This group is an offshoot of the Obama Presidential campaign and is planning numerous events across the country.  Currently their focus is on pushing the Obama/Biden gun grab. No doubt, that is the purpose of their meeting with Schrader.   Schrader has been non-commital on the issue of gun and magazine bans so “OFA” will be there attempting to twist his arm and demand he stay on the Democratic Reservation. Two of his Democrat colleagues, Bonamici and Blumenauer, are outspoken enemies of gun rights and a third, Peter DeFazio, tries to play both sides.  Clearly Schrader is being targeted by the far left because he has not yet agreed to plans to eviscerate the Second Amendment .

It is critical that Schrader hear from you. Please call him and tell him not to be intimidated by Obama’s troops and their fear mongering. You can call his office at (503)-557-1324 or if you prefer, you can fax him at (503) 557-1981. Unlike his webmail, calls and faxes can come from outside his district. Be short and to the point. NO NEW GUN RESTRICTIONS.

Thanks for your efforts.