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HB 4054 Heard In Committee And Killed.


HB 4054 which “Prohibits Public Employees’ Benefit Board from authorizing or requiring collection of information or maintenance of records about firearms from eligible employee or family member” received a hearing in the House Health Care Committee today.

Senators Betsy Johnson and Ted Ferrioli testified in favor of the bill. OFF was the only representative of the “gun lobby” who testified in favor of the bill and on behalf of public employees’ rights to own guns without being harassed by the Public Employees’ Benefit Board. Although not present, the NRA was on record in support of the bill.

Not a single public employee union representative spoke on behalf of the bill or the union members. If you are a public employee, you may want to ask for better representation from the folks you pay dues to.

Because the bill did not have a “work session” scheduled, it is now officially dead.

On Wednesday we will have a floor session in the House for HB 4045. This was Kim Thatcher’s CHL privacy bill which passed out of committee in House Judiciary. We expect it will pass on the House Floor.

As you know, Floyd Prozanski, the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has promised to kill this important bill when it gets to the Senate. There is one last possible solution. If any member of the Senate makes a motion to withdraw the bill from Prozanski’s committee, it is possible that the entire Senate could vote on the bill even if Prozanski refuses to hear it. This happened in 2011 and every Democrat Senator voted “no.”

On another note, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. In addition to making sure you pick up a little something for your sweetie, we recommend stopping by Starbucks for a beverage. Tomorrow is the first day of the anti-gun extremists boycott against Starbucks because Starbucks follows state law and allows open carry in their stores in places where open carry is legal.

Make sure to tell them why you are there.