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The Wolves Are At The Door.

Obama is moving swiftly to build an administration that will reflect his statist worldview. The second Clinton administration is forming.

Gun hating Hillary Clinton (Billing records? What billing records?) has been confirmed as the new Secretary of State, and Timothy Geithner, a tax evader who spent 5 years at the Federal Reserve Bank, but had no clue about the collapse of our economy, is about to be the boss of the Treasury Department, charged with… repairing our economy.

If you’re not terrified, you’re not paying attention. But for gun owners, the news is far more ominous.

Clinton  Obama is determined to appoint, as head of the “Justice” department, a man whose unbridled hatred for gun owners is legendary. We simply must do everything we can to stop this nightmare from happening.

Obama’s pick for Attorney General, Eric Holder, is so completely a tool of the freedom-hating establishment that you can rest assured he will do all he can to eliminate gun rights in America. Holder was the second in command for Janet Reno when she ordered the murderous gassing, burning, and shooting of dozens of women and children at Waco.

JanetRenoHe demonstrated his total lack of ethics when he expedited the pardon of a felon who just happened to toss a yacht load of money to the Clintons.  He bragged about the “compassionate” treatment Elian Gonzalez received at the point of a federal agent’s sub-machine gun.  He submitted briefs to the Supreme Court urging them to declare your right to own a firearm void. A confirmation of Holder is an express lane back to the days when innocents could be gunned down by government thugs with impunity.

Even people who don’t care about gun rights should be horrified that this person is in line to run the Justice Department.

Please, no matter how busy you are, take a few minutes to let your Senators know that you are outraged that they would consider this man for a job of such importance.
Let them know that the right hand man of Janet Reno is most certainly NOT “Change you can believe in.”
Several Republicans have postponed confirmation of Holder. They did not do this because Holder is a committed enemy of gun owners, but it still gives us a little precious time. Call or e-mail Senators Wyden and Merkley right now. The clock is running out on freedom.

A sample message and contact info follows:


Dear Senator,

Eric Holder is not “change we can believe in.” He is more of the same ethically bankrupt, “favors for money” politics from the past.  I truly expect better from you and this administration. I urge you to vote  “NO” on Eric Holder’s confirmation.

Truly yours,



Ron Wyden

Jeff Merkley