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01.10.07 Session Begins. Gun Bills Introduced.

The 2007 Oregon Legislative Session has begun.

Yesterday, January 9th, the first gun bills were introduced.

For some indication of what to expect, the Democrats in the Senate have already passed a Resolution calling for annual sessions. (Twice the opportunity to erode your rights.) They did this without a single word of public testimony. No public hearing was held on the issue at any time.
So far gun bills are the introduced versions of drafts we have had posted on our website for some time.

To keep track of, and see the bills, (and all future bills) please use this link

There will be plenty more as the session continues.

There are some important developments of which you should be aware, that will make you a more informed and effective citizen lobbyist.

Please make use of the following links:

This is the Home page of the Oregon Legislature.

If you spend some time you will find it to be very useful. This page has contact information for all legislators and a link to find your representatives.

On the right side of this page you will find a link entitled “Esubscribe.” You can use this link to get regular e-mail updates of committee schedules. You can sign up for whatever committees you want. We suggest you sign up for the schedules of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees. These schedules will let you know when gun bills are being heard. If you choose, you can come to the capitol and offer your testimony.

For those who cannot come to the Capitol, the Legislature now offers a way to watch any hearing or floor session, live on your computer.

For that, please use this link: It will take you to a page where you can pick whatever hearing room or chamber you want to monitor.

You can learn the times and locations of any hearing, by using this link.

2007 promises to be a pivotal year in the battle for gun rights, but you will have more tools than ever before to be effective in this fight.

Please keep an eye on our legislation tracking page and please be sure to make your voice heard.