Bills for the 2007 Legislative Session.

Anti-gun bills are listed in red.

Potentially anti-gun bills in blue.

All bills are available in PDF format here.

SB 81 Relating to criminal procedure.
Expands information that court must provide to defendant before defendant enters plea of guilty or no contest. This bill would require that a court would have to inform persons who are charged with domestic violence offenses, that if they plead guilty or no contest, Federal law could bar them from owning firearms. (Status: Passed Senate Judiciary Feb 6th.Passed full Sentate March 6th. Passed House May 18 Signed by Governor May 31)

SB 283 Relating to firearms.
Creates crime of unlawful storage of firearm. This is the bill version of LC draft 1116. If you don’t lock up your guns, you face 5 years in prison and a $125,000.00 fine. Exemptspolice. For an analysis of this bill, please use this link
. (Status: Dead.)

SB 490 Relating to hunting.
Authorizes State Fish and Wildlife Commission to adopt rules prohibiting use of Internet or closed circuit media to remotely control weapon for purpose of hunting or taking any game bird, wildlife, game mammal or other mammal. (Status: Passed Senate 4/3. Passed House 5/21.)

SB 572 Relating to hunting of mammals.
Prohibits hunting, wounding or taking or attempting to hunt, wound or take exotic mammal or game mammal held or obtained by person. (Status: Passed Senate 4/12)

SB 658 Relating to self defense.
Authorizes persons engaged in lawful activity to stand ground and use force in self-defense
. (Status: Died a natural death)

SB 741 Relating to hunting.
Authorizes licensed hunters to carry any hunting weapon during any hunting season.
(Status: Died a natural death)

SB 919. Relating to concealed handgun licenses.
Allows certain military personnel to renew concealed handgun license by mail.
A bill they should have passed last year.(Status: Died a natural death)

SB 1012 Relating to shooting ranges.
Allows counties and cities to regulate, restrict or prohibit discharge of firearms on shooting ranges. (Status: Beaten to death by gun owners.)

HB 2299 Relating to weapons.
“Modifies various provisions dealing with weapons.”
This is the bill version of LC 85.Among other things it allows police to carry guns in court while OFF DUTY. Civilians are NOT allowed to have firearms in courtrooms.(Status: Died a natural death)

HB2300 Relating to concealed handgun licenses.
“Clarifies language regarding denial and revocation of concealed handgun licenses.”
This is the bill version of LC 86. It was introduced as we predicted last year, to correct language in a previous “omnibus” bill that no one read before voting on it. (Status: Passed the House 3/12, Passed Senate 5/14, Governor signed 5/31/)

HB2304 Relating to the ability to petition for relief from prohibited conduct relating to firearms.
” Provides that person barred from purchasing firearm by reason of felony conviction or finding of guilty except for insanity of felony may not apply for relief from bar.”
A bill designed to make sure that no matter how well a person cleans up his life, he may never again own a firearm after one conviction. (Formally LC Draft 129.) (Status: Beaten to death by OFF members.)

HB2317 Relating to operation of a motor vehicle while carrying a weapon.
“Describes unloaded firearm for purposes of offense involving operation of snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle while carrying firearm.”
A reintroduction of a bill from last year. This bill would allow you to carry a firearm on a snowmobile or atv if no round was in the chamber. Currently a round anywhere in the gun is a violation.( Formally LC 654)  (Status: Died a natural death)

HB2334 Relating to firearms.
“Modifies and expands requirements for issuance of concealed handgun license.”
This is the Sheriff’s wish list from last year. A version of this bill was passed by the House Judiciary Committee last year and killed by OFF members soon after. Although it contains our language to allow active duty military to renew handgun licenses by mail, it contains other language that simply gives Sheriffs more power to revoke and deny concealed handgun licenses. Furthermore because this is a House Bill, there is always the possibility that what little pro-gun language is in it can be stripped out when it goes to the Senate Committee controlled by Burdick. Formally (LC 1093)
(Status:Smacked around by OFF members.Passed out of House Commitee 04.25.07 with amendments to make it an acceptable bill for gun owners.Passed House 5/7, passed Senate 5/21 Governor signed 6/12)

HB 2336 Relating to expunction.
Prohibits, in any case involving domestic violence, setting aside conviction or setting aside record of arrest when dismissal is result of diversion.
A domestic violence conviction is a lifetime prohibition on firearms ownership. To eliminate any possibility of expunction no matter how minor the offense, is irrational.
(Status beaten to death by OFF members.)

HB 2370
.Relating to Oregon security.
Creates Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management in Oregon Military Department. Abolishes Office of Emergency Management and transfers functions to Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

While not a “gun bill” an amendment has been added to this bill which would forbid government agents from confiscating firearms in times of emergency.
(Status: Passed Joint Committee on Emergency Preparedness and Ocean Policy Feb. 6th.Refered to Ways and Means.)

HB 2415 Relating to the transfer of items to visibly intoxicated persons;
creating new provisions; and amending ORS 166.470 and 480.215.

“Prohibits sale, delivery or transfer of firearm to visibly intoxicated person.” (Died a natural death.)

HB2652 Relating to seizure of firearms.
Prohibits unit of government from seizing firearms from individuals in lawful possession of firearms during declared emergency.
(Status: Died a natural death)

HB 2852 Relating to Port of Portland peace officers.
Expands authority of Port of Portland peace officers. (This is another bill we killed last year. It expands Port of Portland Police powers, even while they continue to violate the law. More information.   (Status: Beaten to death by OFF members, reborn as HB 2890 which was also beaten to death. They may try one more time.)

HB 2888 Relating to all-terrain vehicles
Allows person holding concealed handgun license to operate all-terrain vehicle while carrying loaded handgun
. (Status: DIed a natural dealth)

HB 3069 Relating to self defense.
Authorizes persons engaged in lawful activity to stand ground and use force in self defense. (Status: Died a natural death.)

HB 3071 Relating to firearm licenses.
Grants reciprocity to persons holding concealed handgun licenses or permits issued by other states.(Status: Died a natural death.)

HB 3072 Relating to records.
Requires State Police to destroy records obtained during criminal records check within 24 hours of approval for qualified firearms purchase. (Status: Died a natural death)

HB 3073 Relating to firearms.
Exempts transferor of firearm from performing criminal history record check if recipient has concealed handgun license. (Status: Died a natural death.)

HB 3115 Relating to liability.
Provides that person who is legally present in any place is not liable for failing to retreat from attacker. (Status: Died a natural death.)

HB 3116 Relating to firearm seizures.
Prohibits person acting in official capacity during state of emergency from seizing firearm with intent to interfere with lawful possession of firearm. (Status: Died a natural death.)

HB 3419 Relating to civil liability for the unlawful use of firearms.
Eliminates civil liability of seller or manufacturer of firearm or ammunition for damages resulting from unlawful use of firearm. (Status: Died a natural death.)