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Bloomberg /Brown Confiscation Bill Fast Tracked

HB 4145, the Bloomberg/Brown gun confiscation bill will get a hearing and work session tomorrow at 8am in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

If the past is any indication, the anti-gun organizations have been alerted to the timing of the hearing long before it was officially posted and are no doubt already planning to bus in rent-a-mobs to fill the room.

Once again, due to the large anti-gun crowd expected, the hearing will be in Room 50 in the basement of the Capitol building. If you can possibly attend, please do.

 If not, please consider emailing your testimony in opposition here:  

HB 4145 is not designed to protect victims of domestic violence. It is designed to do one thing, disarm the law abiding.

In the House, anti-gun zealot Jennifer Williamson said that existing law “protects” those who are falsely accused. Well it certainly did not “protect” Shane Morgan of Bend.

Shane was the subject of horrible stories like this and this. There was only one problem. Every single accusation was a lie.

Was the women who made these false allegations prosecuted? No. The DA said he did not want to “discourage” people from coming forward with these kinds of allegations.

This is an outrage and sadly not an isolated incident.   

So far, Knute Buehler, who represents Bend in the House and wants to be your next Governor, and who supports this dangerous legislation, has been silent about this travesty.

We have very little time. The Democrats are fast tracking the bill and hoping to peel off a few weak kneed Republicans.

If you can be at the hearing please come. But if not please submit testimony and take action here.