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They’re Racing Through More Gun Grabs


As we  have told you, the Democrats are racing through the anti-gun bills as quickly as they can.

The two worst gun grabbing bills have already been scheduled for hearings in the first days of the session. These are some of the most dangerous bills ever introduced.

SB 1551, Prozanski’s Soviet style, secret accusation bill is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Feb 3 at 8am in Hearing Room 343 in the Capitol.

Under this bill a person with no mental health credentials, who may have never even met you, can take away your  right to acquire a firearm with an anonymous call to the State Police. You are not informed your rights are gone, you are not allowed to know who made the accusation and you are not allowed to know how long your rights are suspended.

You have no true, practical way to have your rights restored and your accuser can renew their accusations against you as often as they want.

This committee is controlled by Floyd Prozanski, the person responsible for the bill. Contact info for members of the committee can be found here.

On the House side, HB 4147 will be heard in the House Judiciary Committee on Feb 4 at  3pm in Hearing Room 343 at the Capitol.

This bill prohibits transfer of a firearm without the approval of the Oregon State Police, removing the only safeguard against errors made by the OSP during background checks.

Currently a dealer may transfer a firearm to a buyer after three days if the State Police issue a delay. This bill will prohibit that and allow the OSP to delay you literally forever.

The background check system is a total failure. We recently learned of a buyer who was approved for a gun transfer in January while still being delayed for a gun he tried to buy last November. Qualified people are routinely delayed or denied with no cause as a result of the OSP’s faulty system.  This bill will eliminate the one small safeguard they have.

We cannot stress enough how dangerous these bills are. After the passage of SB 941 the Democrats are now trying to screw down the vise on gun owners and only you can stop them.

The fact that HB 4147 is being heard in the House Judiciary Committee is especially alarming since the chair of that committee has always been pro-gun and chairs usually do not schedule bills they don’t plan to vote for.

Contact info for the House Judiciary Committee can be found here. Please call or email the members of both these committees as many times as you can.

Tell the Senate Judiciary Committee “NO on SB 1551” and the House Judiciary Committee “NO on HB 4147” or use our automailer to send a pre-written message to any or all legislators.

Act now, they are ramrodding these liberty smashing bills through to limit public input. Please make your voice heard today.

For updates and changes on committee schedules use this link.