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Today both the Oregon Senate and House took action on gun bills by not taking action.

HB 3093 was scheduled to be heard on the Senate floor but the clock ran out and now this bill is scheduled for Monday. And Monday should be interesting.  HB 3093 is a “reciprocity” bill that lots of people have been working on for a long time. Its purpose was to allow Oregon to recognize other states’ concealed handgun licenses.

Currently we recognize… none. Virtually no other “shall issue” state has such a restrictive and mindless policy.

HB 3093 was supposed to change that and many legislators have worked tirelessly to get that done. But of course, there is always… Floyd Prozanski.

He rammed amendments into the bill that now appear to make it pointless.

Legislative Counsel, the lawyers for the legislature, have reviewed the bill as amended by Prozanski and determined that based on FloPro’s amendments the number of states Oregon will likely recognize for reciprocity is probably…zero.

There is little reason to doubt this was Prozanski’s intention from the beginning.  The Republicans who worked so hard for so long to make this bill happen may well take their names off the bill. It is clearly a charade.

SB 315, which was used as a vehicle for House Rep Brian Clem to insert even worse language into the universal registration bill, was scheduled to be heard on the House Floor today. This bill was one of the worst pieces of legislation we have ever seen, and we have seen some garbage.

Clem made a “deal” with the House Speaker, anti-gun crazy Tina Kotek, to insert some changes into the universal gun owner registration bill(SB 941)  in exchange for selling his vote in support of this awful legislation. But as so often is the case, he got hosed by Kotek and the final bill actually made SB 941 far worse.

In Clem’s bill you can now go to jail because you DID the background check. Really, we are not making this up.

Today, it appears the unthinkable happened. It appears Clem actually READ his bill. (Yes we know this is unprecedented.) After reading his own bill Clem made a motion on the floor to send the bill to the House Rules Committee to ” fix” it.  Good luck Brian. Your bill is atrocious, the bill you were trying to “fix” is atrocious and you have nothing left to bargain with.

Advantage … Tina Kotek.