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With the recall campaign against Floyd Prozanski in full swing and gun owners from across the state (and country) joining the battle with donations and offers to volunteer, Floyd and his alter ego in the House, Val Hoyle, took another hit yesterday.

Yesterday Linn County joined Lane County and the City of Canby to tell the gun grabbers they are on their own.

Linn County Commissioners passed Resolution 2015-218 which states they will not expend any county resources to implement SB 941, the supremely flawed gun owner registration bill.

With every passing day it is becoming more apparent what a colossal  and unenforceable mess 941 is. Now Floyd and his cronies are trying to figure out if they have just outlawed common construction tools with this mindless measure.

From My Cold Dead Hands
From My Cold Dead Hands


Meanwhile more and more people are recognizing that Prozanksi and Hoyle rammed through a measure even lawyers don’t understand, just to pay back New York billionaire, Mike Bloomberg.

We are grateful to the Linn County Commissioners, especially John Lindsey, for taking this step and proving once again what liars Hoyle and Prozanski are. The deception that “86%” of Oregonians supported this nonsense is revealed more each day.

And it’s not only gun owners who are seeing how dangerous and duplicitous people like Prozanski and Hoyle are.

Former Senate Candidate Monica Wehby, who has formed a PAC to promote conservative causes, has called for Hoyle’s resignation even as a recall campaign against Hoyle continues.

In Salem Prozanski has sent the CHL reciprocity bill (HB 3093) back to committee after it was exposed that the amendments he added to it rendered it meaningless, which of course, is what the point was in the first place.

Remember, before Prozanski ruined this bill, it had near unanimous support in the House. Once again it looks like Oregon will remain the only “shall issue” state that will not recognize a single other state’s CHL.

Representative Brian Clem’s “fixes” to SB 941 were also yanked off the floor and sent back to committee after it was revealed that his “improvement” to 941 put even more gun owners in danger of going to jail because they followed the law. This is what happens when you make “deals” with people like House Speaker Tina Kotek and Floyd Prozanski.

Even HB 2357, which was only supposed to be a simple clarification of where retired and off duty police could be armed was so butchered by Prozanski that it too, went back to committee.

There are no actions scheduled on any of these bills and it is looking increasing unlikely that there will be any.

While that is more bad news for gun owners, the good news is even after the passage of 941 we continue to see the facade cracking.  We look forward to more counties and cities following the lead of Lane and Linn Counties and the City of Canby.