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Our “Friends” at the National Shooting Sports Foundation



It seems the National Shooting Sports Foundation is more interested in crawling into bed with the state’s gun grabbing apparatus than advancing shooting sports.

Not only do they employ a lobbyist in Oregon who regularly works to oppose gun rights, but now they are “partnering” with the Connecticut State Police to help enforce mandatory lock up of firearms inside your home!

Connecticut’s draconian anti-gun laws are shoved down the throats of CT residents by the State Police, so why is NSSF so eager to help them?

“We’ll also be reminding Connecticut gun owners about laws requiring locked storage of firearms in their homes.” 
said Lt. Paul Vance, Connecticut State Police public information officer in an NSSF press release.

“We are pleased to work cooperatively with Connecticut State Police at the Eastern States Exposition to promote the proper storage of firearms to deter unauthorized access,” said NSSF President and CEO Steve Sanetti. “Our efforts encourage a commitment to safety and personal responsibility that is helping to reduce firearms accidents nationally.”

Here’s what NSSF says about itself: “Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.”

Yet NSSF seems far more interested in promoting the goals of the agencies that work overtime to attack gun owners. In this release they write proudly of their work with Cabelas to grease the skids for the ATF.

Here they state the reasons why the “firearms industry” opposes “universal background checks.” Among the reasons are:

” The current background check system is broken. The background checks that are currently done are not as accurate and complete as they should be. ”   

“REGISTRATION – According to the National Institute of Justice, “universal background checks” are only  effective if there is national registration of all guns and all private party transfers.”

Yet they seem to be all too eager to be the handmaiden for the very agencies that are abusing gun owners with a failed background check system now.

As a side note, it was fascinating to see the response people posted on Facebook when we noted NSSF’s association with the CT State Police.

Here’s a sample:

 Seriously? You’re bitching about the NSSF handing out free gun locks and promoting safe securing of firearms? God save us from these heathens.”

“Wow OFF making themselves look like idiots hating on this. Hire a PR person fast…. There is no issue giving out free locks and reminding ppl to take proper precautions at ones home.”

Free gun locks… Give away free gun locks and you’re suddenly “in bed with the gun grabbers”.. That’s the most retarded thing I’ve heard all day. Whoever is in charge of facebook posts for OFF is doing more harm than good.”