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The Mask Is Off


For decades we have listened to the lies of the gun grabbers saying they only want “common sense” gun laws, and they don’t want to take guns away from law abiding people. Now the mask is off and there is no denying they want to eliminate private ownership of firearms.

By now you’ve seen the outrageous attacks on your rights by Oregon Democrats, and more are coming. While there have always been efforts by the left to destroy the Second Amendment, we have rarely seen the kind of insane, hate-filled legislation being promoted by Oregon Democrats and their fellow travelers in the Bloomberg funded anti-rights groups.

While most attention has been focused on the bizarre SB 501, there are plenty of other bills to be appalled by. Kate Brown’s is one of the worst and most nonsensical. But don’t underestimate how dead serious they are about passing it.

If the Democrats have their way, virtually all modern firearms will be outlawed. You will need a background check to buy ammo and be limited to 20 rounds a month! Your guns will have to be locked up and useless, and you might very well be charged with a crime if a gun you own is stolen.

You will need police permission to buy a gun and then you can only buy one handgun and one long gun per month. After waiting for a month or more to get permission from the sheriff  he can still say “no.”

If you’re a young Oregonian, your right to own most firearms will simply disappear. All these dangerous new restrictions are being pushed by the same people who want to force you to pay the legal fees of people who snuck into our country in violation of our laws.

Think of this, if an illegal alien broke into your home and stole a firearm, not only can YOU be fined, but you would also get to pay the legal fees of the person who robbed you. It’s lunacy.

We are in for the fight of our lives with a well funded and vicious enemy. While Oregon faces serious problems and ranks near the bottom of almost everything, Democrats want to spend their time destroying your rights. It has to stop.

Please use the link below to send a message to the Oregon legislature that this will not be tolerated.

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Thank you for your activism.

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