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By now you have heard and read a lot about Obama’s latest anti-gun initiatives.

While most of the reporting on this issue has been poorly done and confusing, it is clear that the Administration plans to use their discredited line about keeping guns “out of the wrong hands” to once again attack the people least likely to misuse firearms.

One of these measures is intended to complicate the process for creating a firearms trust. It’s obvious to all, that people who spend a lot of money hiring lawyers to create trusts that allow them to purchase very expensive, highly regulated items are not doing so to get guns to go knock over a liquor store or ambush an enemy hood rat.

These trusts are designed to allow people to legally navigate a complex system which makes transfers of things you own a legal nightmare.  While the idea for this new rule seems to have originated with the National Firearms Act Trade and Collectors Association, whatever their original intentions were, the plan has clearly morphed into another attack on gun owners.

The other Obama/Biden proposal would appear to be intended to destroy the Civilian Marksmanship program. For years this program promoted proper firearms use and provided an avenue for people to acquire rifles with tremendous historic value.  Once again, you would be hard pressed to find someone who participated in the program in order to get their hands on an M1 Garand so they could do a little drive-by shooting on a Saturday night. Obama/Biden have proven their real intentions one more time. They hope to destroy legal, private gun ownership while doing nothing to inhibit crime.

While we are still waiting to see exactly how these proposals will play out, our understanding is they will still have to go through a regulatory process which will allow for public comments. Obviously Obama/Biden can, (and probably will) ignore them as they continue to do all in their power to crush the Second Amendment, but that’s no reason for us to be silent.

Your congressman still has a responsibility to speak up and tell the Administration to back off. They may tell you there is nothing they can do, but they are obliged to make their voices heard. (As you know, many of them recently sent a letter to Obama expressing their concern about his intended unilateral attacks on Syria.)

There is no question that Earl Blumenauer and Suzanne Bonamici will support any new attacks on your constitutional rights. They have made no secret of their contempt for the Second Amendment. However the three remaining Oregon Congressmen have at least paid lip service to supporting gun rights.

They need to hear from you.  There is no need to send a long complex message. Numbers are all that matter. A note telling them that you expect them to contact the President and oppose anti-rights “Executive Actions” will do the trick.  A sample message follows:

Once again, the Obama Administration is using lies and misinformation to try to ram through an anti-gun agenda already rejected by Congress. Please contact the President and tell him you oppose “Executive Actions” or “Executive Orders” intended to cripple the rights of  gun owners in your district.

Contact info:

Congressman Greg Walden

Congressman Kurt Schrader

Congressman Pete DeFazio