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Supreme Court Fast Tracks Second Anti-Rights Ballot Measure


In a very unusual move, the Oregon Supreme Court has certified the highly flawed ballot title for IP 44, the “lock up your self defense” measure, without even waiting for the Attorney General to defend her title language.

Once again the Court has demonstrated it is in the tank for the anti-gunners. This is what years of Democrat rule brings us. A total perversion of the established rule to benefit the people who contribute the most campaign cash.

Of course, our attorneys will be filing a motion to reconsider this clearly biased decision.

We know the supporters of both anti-gun ballot measures are planning an all out push in the next weeks to get the signatures they need to eliminate your liberties and make you a criminal for exercising God-given, Constitutional rights. Rest assured that with your help we will be standing in their way no matter what the establishment courts and legislators do.

We are very grateful for your generous support.