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The Sharks Are Circling



Yesterday we told you about California billionaire Tom Steyer’s efforts to buy two Senate seats in Oregon and install anti-gunners. Steyer hopes to defeat Republicans Betsy Close and Bruce Starr.

Today the Washington Times is reporting that another out of town billionaire, anti-gun zealot Michael Bloomberg, is dropping even more money to attack Bruce Starr.

The Times reports that Bloomberg’s “Everytown For Gun Safety”  spent over $18,400.00 in support of Chuck Riley, Starr’s Democrat opponent.

“Everytown” has listed three expenditures for Riley:  $292.37 and $2545.02 for “card shipping” and  $15,600 for “paid organizers.”

As you know, the Senate is currently made up of 14 Republicans, 15 anti-gun Democrats and 1 pro-gun Democrat.  The loss of even one Republican seat could be disastrous for gun rights in Oregon.

Bloomberg already has an organized campaign of  letter writers attacking Starr.

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