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Senator Knopp Sells Out


Today Senator Tim Knopp sold out his fellow Republicans and returned to the floor in an effort to give gun grabbing Democrats the quorum they need to pass devastating legislation.

Yesterday the “Oregon Catalyst” ran a glowing puff piece on Knopp praising him for  walking off the floor with other Republicans. Today Knopp folded. 

The Senate needs two Republicans to abandon their principles and Knopp gave them half of what they need.

If  the grossly understaffed Oregon State Police are pulled off our roads to hunt down the other Republicans who have refused to participate in this side show, and they can locate and arrest one more Republican and force them back to the floor, the Democrats can pass ANYTHING.  So bills like the gun grabbing SB 978 are almost sure to become law.

Please contact Knopp and let him know how outraged you are at this betrayal.