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Second Special Session Ends


The second “special session” of 2020 ended late last night. Once again, the voters were shut out of the process and all of “the people’s business” was conducted behind closed (and locked) doors.

However, no anti-firearms legislation passed.

There were some contentious moments after Governor Kate Brown blamed Republicans for killing a bill that died in a committee… controlled by Democrats. (As they all are.)

The bad news is we are now aware of prosecutions of gun owners who have defended themselves against rioters. And not where you would expect.

We are tracking one such incident in southern Oregon and will keep you informed as the case moves along. Obviously, when someone faces violent attackers and then has to face malicious prosecution we are all at risk.

Now our efforts need to be focused on elections. We are used to hearing that “this election” is the most important in history. Certainly “this” election will be like no other we have ever had, simply because we have never seen campaigns taking place under the circumstances like those we are living in.

In addition to the violence on our streets, the government covid-related mandates are changing the entire landscape for political campaigns.

There is simply no way of knowing if the state of chaos in Oregon will encourage people to vote against those in power (who are almost uniformly against gun rights) or if the strange (and strained) state of campaigns will lead people to simply vote for the names they know best and retain the failed power structure.

We strongly urge you to be engaged in the coming elections. We have never seen the kind of upheaval we are experiencing before and your actions in the elections are absolutely critical .