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Second Anti Rights Ballot Measure


The Second Anti-Rights, Anti Constitution Ballot Measure has received a “ballot title”

IP 44 has the ballot “caption” :

Requires firearms be locked during storage/transfer, loss reported, minors’ use supervised; imposes penalties/liabilities   

Of course that does not in any way describe the dangerous and unconstitutional things this ballot measure does. You can read the actual language of the measure here. 

The ballot language is, once again, incoherent. You can see the language of the caption, summary and results of a yes or no vote here.

The chief petitioners are :
Henry Wessinger 1000 SW Vista Ave #1105 Portland, OR 97205
Vincenza Passalacqua (Jenna Yuille) 1704 19th St. NW #9 Washington, DC 20009
Paul Kemp 8710 SE 137th Avenue Happy Valley, OR 97086

For reasons we cannot explain, Jenna Yuille, an anti-rights extremist and anti-gun activist and Bloomberg employee, is using a Washington DC address and another name, while still posting an Oregon phone number.

As with IP 43, Oregon voters can submit comments on the language of the “ballot title” which means any of the language in the “caption”  or “summary” or the language describing what happens if the measure passes or fails.

Here is the “summary”according to the Attorney General:

Summary: Requires owner/possessor of firearm to secure it with trigger or cable lock, or in locked container when not being carried by owner/possessor; must transfer firearm with trigger or cable lock, or in locked container; must report theft or loss of firearm to law enforcement within 24 hours; person who transfers firearm to minor must directly supervise minors’ use of firearm. Failure to comply with requirements treated as violation. Person failing to comply with requirements is strictly liable if injury to person or property results within five years from failure to comply; liability does not apply if injury results from self-defense/defense of another. Attorney General to adopt specifications for trigger locks, cable locks, firearms containers. Defines “firearm,” “transfer,” other terms. Other provisions

You can make comments on  the caption, summary or language describing the outcome of a yes or no vote here:

Scan and Email to

Fax to 503.373.7414
Mail to 255 Capitol St NE Ste 501, Salem OR 97310

 Please keep in mind the Secretary of State is NOT responsible for the ballot title language. They are just the “messenger”. 

As with measure 43, if you file comments about the ballot measure title you will have standing to challenge the ballot title in court.

Comments are due by 5/15/2018