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SB 978 The Felon Factory


SB 978 was passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee on a party line vote today.

The bill was “gut and stuffed” with the “dash-5”amendments which were not available to the public until 5PM last night.

As passed the bill will:

Force you to keep your firearms locked up. (The US Supreme Court has already ruled this to be unconstitutional.)

Hold you strictly liable for crimes committed if your gun is lost or stolen (even if you complied with parts of the mandatory lock up regulation.)

Greatly restrict youth shooting programs and events.

Make you a felon if you possess an “unserialized firearm”. (Serial numbers were not required on firearms until 1968.)
Updated 04.14.19  Make you a felon if you possess an “untraceable firearm”. (Serial numbers were not required and did not meet federal regulations required by SB 978-5 until 1968)

Ban so called “80% lower receivers” (the bill calls them “unfinished receivers”) unless they had the manufacturer’s name and serial number engraved on them. If you’ve made a firearm out of an “80%” lower there is no provision for adding a serial number yourself. The possession of any of these finished guns will be a felony. If you currently possess any 80% lowers each one is a Class C felony.

Increase fees for concealed handgun licenses.

Allow you to be charged with a felony for simply being NEAR a “public building”or airport with a firearm even if you have a concealed handgun license. How many “public buildings” do you pass on your hunting trips?

Picking up your spouse at the airport could make you a felon. Picking up your kids at school could make you a felon unless you picked them up in a parking area.

Before the vote, the committee members were told by staff that the amendment corrected the airport issue. It did not. Whether willfully or not, the committee members were misinformed.

The language on lock ups and “unfinished receivers” is hopelessly convoluted and confusing. It will be virtually impossible for Oregonians to know when they are in compliance. The lack of any realistic definition of “unfinished receivers” will put thousands at risk for felony charges based on the whims of DA’s and judges.

There is no longer any question that Oregon’s elected Democrats are determined to turn Oregon gun owners into felons any way they possibly can.

The bill now goes to the full Senate floor. Please contact Oregon Senators and demand they vote against this.