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Let Prozanski’s Lies Begin



On a TV show aired on Sunday November 23rd, Senator Floyd Prozanski began what will no doubt be his usual lengthy string of lies. Get used to it, it’s what he does best.

The issue, of course, is the upcoming tsunami of anti-civil rights bills that Prozanski and other Democrats plan to introduce in the February legislative session.

First on Floyd’s list, mandatory universal gun registration and police permission to lend, give, or sell a firearm to a friend or family member.  Floyd would also like to be able to have your guns taken away based on any unproven accusation about your “mental health.”

(Floyd got this idea from a bill passed in California that allows anyone who has a grudge against you to tell the state you are mentally ill. When that happens, you are guilty until proven innocent, and the state takes your guns. Welcome to Prozanski’s gulag.)

In the course of the show, which Prozanski  did with Senator Jeff Kruse, he regurgitated all his usual hogwash.

He talked about how the current background check system was a great success.

He said the State Police can’t inform local police when a prohibited person is trying to buy a gun.

He said you could buy a gun on the internet without a background check.

As usual, all lies.

But we did notice he has modified his usual line of crap. Now he makes sure to say that all his efforts to attack gun rights are intended to prevent bad guys from getting “easy” access to guns.

The reason for this new modifier is because Floyd, and all his sycophants, know nothing prevents criminals from getting guns.  And his new attacks on our rights won’t either. So since nothing he does keeps guns from bad folks, why not say  ” hey, we made it inconvenient!” And of course, it doesn’t even do that. But it sure prevents good people from getting guns.

In the coming months, Prozanski and his well funded toadies will continue to lie about everything. The networks and newspapers will sit back and enable the lies. Count on it.

That’s why it is going to be entirely up to you and I to keep getting the truth on the record. It won’t be easy, and it will be infuriating. But we must do it.