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Lead Ammo Ban Coming


A Ban On Lead Ammo Is On The Horizon

“There is no proposal to ban or limit use of lead ammunition in Oregon, but developments outside of Oregon could affect the use of lead ammunition within the state,” 

Don’t you believe it.

“The California legislature passed a law banning lead ammunition to protect endangered California condors…”

“Historically, Oregon has had condors, though none are known to live here now, however, there are efforts to re-establish populations in northern California and if they are successful, it is only a matter of time before condors begin frequenting the southern portions of Oregon. “

Rest assured this will be the excuse needed to ban lead ammo.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is working with Oregon State University to “survey a random sample” of Oregon hunters “about their use and knowledge of lead ammunition.”

While you most likely will not be included in the survey, you can still make your voice heard.

“Persons not chosen for the survey are welcome to provide comments on lead ammunition directly to the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife at a special email address:”

For more info please see this link.