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Last Chance To Stop The Insanity


Senate Bill 719, Brian Boquist’s gun confiscation bill, is scheduled for a vote on the House floor tomorrow.

This is an incredibly dangerous bill that serves no purpose except to attack the gun owners that Oregon’s Democrats and Republican Senator Brian Boquist hate so much.

While providing no help for a troubled person and no protection for a family member of a dangerous person, the bill does allow the police to come to your home and demand that you surrender every firearm and knife in your house.

In what can only be described as the product of twisted minds, the bill allows people who are supposedly violent or suicidal to take 24 hours to turn their property over to the police, a gun dealer or a “third party.” For people who are truly suicidal or violent that’s a long time.

These supposedly “dangerous” people are not arrested, charged with a crime or taken into custody. They are free to hurt themselves or others. They have not lost their freedom to do violence, they have only been humiliated and robbed by the state.

This does not seem to be a recipe for domestic tranquility. This is a recipe for disaster.

No consideration has been given to what happens if the “third party” someone attempts to transfer to is delayed by OSP, something that happens with the regularity of a metronome.

A truly suicidal person now will be in the position to allow the cops who arrive to confiscate his property to provide a “suicide by cop.”

What do you have to do to be subject to one of these confiscation orders?

Well, you and your whole household can lose the right to own kitchen knives because in the last 180 days you bought or “attempted to buy” a firearm or “deadly weapon.”

Under this bill you can lose your gun rights if you have ever had a DUI.


This bill is pure evil.

Please use this link to take action and reach all members of the Oregon House.