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Boquist Gun Confiscation Bill Passes


Today the Oregon House approved one of the most dangerous, hateful and mean spirited pieces of legislation ever introduced.

SB 719 A, the product of Republican Senator Brian Boquist’s collusion with the most militant anti-gunners in the legislature, will now allow the police to come to your home and confiscate your firearms and “deadly weapons” with no accusation or conviction of a crime.

There is NO question this bill will cost people’s lives.

Now a vindictive family or household member has the power to have your rights and property stolen from you simply because they chose to make an accusation against you.

“Dangerous” people will not be taken into custody.  Self destructive people will receive no help.

The people who passed SB 719A know this. They don’t care about people’s well being. They only care about seizing as many firearms as possible.

The only Democrats to vote “no” were Jeff Barker, Brian Clem and Brad Witt. Deborah Boone was absent.

This is truly a disgraceful day in Oregon’s history.

Every Republican member of the House voted against this travesty. 

The bill now goes to the Governor for her certain signature.