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It’s That Time Of The Year



Dear Gun Rights Supporter,

With Christmas coming you are certain to be busy preparing for the holiday so I won’t take up much of your time.

I just want to remind you that if you want to help preserve gun rights in Oregon, in what is sure to be a very challenging legislative session, there is still time to do it and it may not cost you a dime.

Donations to the Oregon Firearms Political Action Committee  qualify for a tax credit of up to $100.00.  That means for most people they can donate and actually take their donation off any taxes they owe the state of Oregon!

People who file as individuals can take up to $50.00 and those filing jointly can take up to $100.00. 

This is not a “deduction”. This is an actual credit.

That’s right, money that would go to the gun grabbers in Salem could actually be used to fight for your rights. This is an amazing deal, but you have to do it before Dec. 31st to take the credit for 2018.

We’ve never needed you more so please consider taking advantage of the credit as soon as possible. We know there is much going on right now, but it only takes a minute. Please use this link and be sure to indicate in the “Donation Category” drop down menu that your donation is for the “Political Action Committee.”  Thanks for your support and have wonderful holiday.

Kevin Starrett