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If We Save Just One Life

If We Save Just One Life

UPDATED 06.22.2022
The fight to protect kids in schools is a district by district battle.

While some school districts in liberal enclaves have predictably voted to put a big target on the backs of the kids in their “care,” other districts have heard you loud and clear and backed off of the foolish policy of disarming the good guys.

Now the Scappoose School District is considering a policy to prohibit staff and parents from being legally armed on their property.

The most recent revelations about what happened in Uvalde, Texas have demonstrated beyond any doubt, the lunacy of disarming people who would protect kids from attackers if only it were allowed.

We have all seen the videos of police preventing parents from attempting to save their children, even as armed, trained police waited outside of the crime scene doing nothing while kids died.

This is not acceptable.  The best intentions of the police will never beat an armed citizen already on the scene.

But now, incredibly, the Scappoose School District wants to disarm responsible, armed, adults as a response to the acts of deranged criminals. It simply makes no sense.

The Scappose School Board is scheduled to vote on this inexcusable policy on June 27th.  They need to hear from you.  Your efforts in the past have made a difference so please make your voice heard again.

As of the time of this alert, the Scappoose School District has no contact information for individual school board members, not even their names! Oddly, they have a gallery of photos, but zero identifying  information.

The school establishment is trying to make this debate about “arming teachers” and “increased insurance.”  Both arguments are fabricated straw men.

No one is talking about “arming teachers.”  That should be their decision. And the insurance argument is another bit of slight-of-hand.  All that responsible people are requesting is that they leave the policy the way it is. No change, no insurance issues.

No one should be denied the ability to pick up their children, attend a school function, or meet with a teacher simply because they have accepted the responsibility to protect kids.

Please contact the School Board and let them know that you strongly oppose this change and urge them to protect the kids and not bow to the woke mob.

Scappose School Board

A suggested message follows that you can modify if you choose.

UPDATE:  Thanks to several people who ferreted out the email addresses and names of the Scappoose School Board:

Tim Porter (Superintendent):

Will Kessi :

Summer Hoag:

Phil Lager:

Michelle Graham:

Jim Hoag:

Gwen Klobes:

Branda Jurasek:



To the Scappoose School Board,

I strongly oppose any effort to deny responsibly armed adults the ability to protect children and themselves while on school property.

We have seen the tragic results of assuming that the police alone will stop an attacker.

This issue is NOT about arming teachers. It is about using common sense and recognizing that people who are licensed to carry firearms do not suddenly become dangerous or irresponsible when they step foot on your property.

Please reject this dangerous and foolish proposal.