Hate Groups

The following organizations have been designated Hate Groups by the Oregon Firearms Federation.


“Lift Every Voice Oregon”  A collection of far left bigots masquerading as “people of faith”. They and their fellow travelers collected millions from groups like the NEA and the Oregon Education Association along with the family of billionaire Steve Ballmer to destroy small businesses and dox the most vulnerable Oregonians with “Measure 114”. When the inevitable chaos ensued after its passage, they did what they always did. They lied and said the things they demanded in their measure would not happen.

Moms Demand Action A militant, leftist, anti-rights organization funded by billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

Ceasefire Oregon  A local, far left anti-rights organization. While largely fading in relevance since Bloomberg started well funded local hate groups, CFO and its small band of mostly disaffected older women still show up for press availabilities. They often align themselves with fake “religious” groups to attack civil rights.

BIPOC  “BIPOC ” stands for “Black, Indigenous and People of Color Caucus”. They are a largely Marxist hate group made up of far left wing Oregon legislators. The members of the Legislature’s Black, Indigenous and People of Color Caucus (BIPOC) are Rep. Teresa Alonso Leon (D-Woodburn), Rep. Janelle Bynum (D-Happy Valley), Rep. Diego Hernandez (D-Portland), Rep. Akasha Lawrence Spence (D-Portland), Rep. Mark Meek (DOregon City), Rep. Andrea Salinas (D-Lake Oswego), Rep. Tawna Sanchez (D-Portland), Sen. Lew Frederick (D-Portland) and Sen. James Manning (D-Eugene). The group is an extreme anti-rights organization and militantly anti-police. They support violent demonstrations, rioting and looting.

Black Lives Matter A Marxist hate group that espouses violence, racism, black supremacy and the destruction of the family.

Basic Rights Oregon BRO is a leftist hate group that endorses and supports anti-rights causes and promotes extremist leftist ideology.

Oregon Education Association. OEA is a leftist union group promoting radical liberal ideology and working to control all aspects of education through Marxist indoctrination.

KOIN TV This Portland TV station regularly posts false stories intended to incite hate against conservative organizations. Example.