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The long promised gun owner registration bill has been introduced.  SB 941 requires police background checks on private transfers of firearms. Now the failed background check system you are subject to at gun stores will be required when you give a gun to your best friend.

The bill has a long list of co-sponsors including Val Hoyle who at one time seemed to be rational on this issue.

We have been reliably informed that this bill is going to be fast tracked through the Senate. Please, right now, contact your representatives and express your outrage at this new and dangerous assault on your privacy and liberty.

The current background check system is a joke. Most people who are denied are denied with no justification and the very few people who are actually “prohibited persons” are virtually never arrested. So what is the purpose of this bill? The purpose is simply to harass legitimate gun owners and expand the universe of registered guns and gun owners.

You can send a message to the entire legislature here.

You can find your own legislators here. You will want to contact the people under the tabs “Senate” and “House.”

We are in a race now folks. Please act now.