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Gun Lock Up Ballot Title Issued


The Oregon Secretary of State has issued a ballot title for a measure to force you to keep your self defense firearms unavailable and useless.

Ballot Measure 40 “Oregonians for Safe Gun Storage and Reporting Lost/Stolen Firearm” received a draft ballot title yesterday.

You can read the entire measure here.

You can read the entire ballot “title” here.

The title consists of a “caption,” the “results of a yes or no vote” and a “summary” of the measure.

This Constitutionally dubious ballot measure is riddled with dangerous ambiguities and confusing contradictions.

For example, while it requires that guns be rendered useless with cable or trigger locks, [section 1 (a)]  it also says the gun isn’t legally locked if these locks can be defeated. [ Section 1 (b) ] Trigger locks and cable locks can easily be defeated with common household tools.

Section 4 (1) (A) restricts transfers of firearms to minors, but section (3) of that same section says it doesn’t apply to firearms “owned by the minor.” How do you transfer a firearm to a minor who already owns it?  There’s more.

In short, Ballot Measure 40 creates a quagmire of incomprehensible mandates and dangerous restrictions designed to create a legal minefield for gun owners.

We are preparing a response and we’d value your input on two separate issues.

First, if you are inclined to deal with the minutia of this poorly written attack on your safety, we encourage you to read the measure itself and help us point out its obvious flaws.

Second, we have until Oct 24th to file comments on the entirety of the Ballot Title. That means the Caption, the Result of a Yes and No vote and the Summary, and suggest alternatives.  This does NOT mean comments on the ballot measure language itself. Just the accuracy of the Ballot Title.

If you’d care to share your observations with us please send them to

Thank you.