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OFF Comments On Anti-Gun Ballot Title


Yesterday was the deadline to submit comments about the proposed ballot title for IP 40, the gun lockdown, theft victim punishment, initiative.

As you know, Oregon voters who submit ballot title comments are qualified to file legal challenges to proposed ballot titles.  You can read the entire ballot measure along with the misleading ballot title and submitted comments here.

(Please note, at the time this alert was prepared, the link in that page for “complete title and AG letter” is not working. The Secretary of State has been notified.)

It’s quite clear if you read the measure (a challenge in itself considering how poorly written it is) that the ballot title is dangerously misleading, in no way letting voters know how many liabilities they’re facing even if they attempt to comply with this effort to render them and their families defenseless. We feel strongly that the ballot title (which is often all some voters read) is an effort to confuse voters into thinking this measure is about safety when clearly it is nothing more than an effort to find new ways to punish gun owners and deter defensive firearms ownership.

You can see all submitted comments here and see OFF’s comments here.

Rest assured OFF will be doing everything we can to ensure that an accurate ballot title is drafted and Oregonians know exactly how the crafters of this message are attempting to deny them the ability to protect their families.