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Good News On Two Pro Gun Ballot Measures


We have collected enough signatures for our “Common Firearms Protection Act” to qualify for a draft ballot title and expect to have one soon. When we do, any registered voter in Oregon can comment on the title and then be qualified to challenge the wording of the draft title.

Great efforts were made to craft this measure in a way to get the best possible title, but the Attorney General, who writes the title, has made no secret of her hostility towards gun owners, so be prepared.

We are now collecting signatures for our “Firearms Safety Act.”  This ballot measure would require basic firearms safety be taught in the sixth grade. It neither promotes nor discourages firearms ownership, its sole purpose is to prevent firearms accidents by young people because of ignorance.

As you can imagine, the anti-gun zealots are falling all over themselves trying to attack this common sense safety measure.   But let’s not forget, groups like CeaseFire Oregon see every firearms accident as a fundraising opportunity and the last thing they want is kids learning to be safe around guns.

We’ll need one thousand signatures to get a ballot title for this measure and you can help us. Download a single signer sheet, print on white paper. sign it and send it to:

“Firearms Safety”

2570 Greenwood Road S

Independence OR


Please leave the “sheet number” field blank and do not check the box that says “No circulators for this petition are being paid.”

Please encourage your friends and family to do the same.

And please consider any financial support you can for the inevitable battles ahead.